20 ene. 2014


How difficult it is to love and 
not be loved in return, 
sometimes we are full of 
we fond of people and 
give our hearts, 
without being sheltered.

I fell in love and fond of you, 
of your details, your smile, 
the kindness in your soul, 
essence of a woman, then, 
I ventured to navigate 
the sea of feelings, it showing 
what my soul feels for you, 
but to my surprise, 
during this time I have been wrong, 
you were offering friendship 
to the man that with the days 
he had fallen in love of you.

It hurts knowing you just a friend,
when my body it´s burning in 
fire of love, wanting their flames 
devour you from head to toe, 
although with this intense feeling, I'd 
settle with a hug, a kiss or a simple look, 
to tell me, I'm here for you,
I offer you my love.

I wonder how I could fall into 
the traps of love, me with hardhearted, 
that one day I swore never to love again,
here I am with torn heart, 
without consolation, more than 
the cool breeze blowing the sea.

It is a sad reality , 
but it will have to learning 
to live without you, 
but friendship is valuable,
I will not be able to be just your friend,
once my heart beat with love for you.

Sorry, but I think it is better 
for two politely and courteously 
give a goodbye, a goodbye is forever,
 I'm just asking you to remember 
my dear friend, that I love you 
with all my heart.

Author: Edwin Yanes
Translate: Lucina Soto

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